Te oranga ā-ahumoni
Financial wellbeing

Te oranga ā-ahumoni
Financial wellbeing

Support the financial wellbeing of Heartland’s customers and communities

Enhancing economic outcomes for customers through digitalisation
Ensuring customers can benefit from Heartland’s digitalisation journey
Ensuring Heartland’s values and commitments are shared by its suppliers
Supporting customers along our digital journey

Digitalisation continues to be a significant focus for Heartland. This includes ongoing digitalisation of product platforms and applications, and app developments.

Reducing customer friction

Ongoing digitalisation enhancements in FY2023 included expanding the secure automatic approval capabilities of Asset Finance and New Zealand Livestock Finance application processes, reducing customer friction and the need for manual assessment.

Automating term deposit onboarding

In FY2023, Heartland developed automation to provide term deposit applicants a more streamlined account opening process.

Extending digital access to Reverse Mortgage customers

Heartland has released a mobile app for its Reverse Mortgage customers in Australia, allowing them to begin to manage their loan from their mobile device.

Providing repayment relief

The current economic environment and cost of living has left more New Zealanders experiencing financial difficulties. Heartland is providing a range of services to its customers to support them during these difficult times.

Heartland continues to offer the Heartland Extend product which enables customers to make their existing loan repayments more manageable.